Poured Floor Insulation

TLA* Insulation

Alpha Flow Screeds have recently applied their enormous wealth of experience in flooring to this new concept in floor insulation.

Laying insulation boards over subfloors can be a difficult and tedious task. Subfloors are often uneven; cutting round first-fix pipes is arduous and time consuming: ensuring the boards are solidly supported by the subfloor is often difficult to achieve.

With our poured TLA Insulation however, these problems are completely eliminated.

  • Insulation is poured directly around all pipes at subfloor level.
  • TLA is not subject to settlement, which often occurs where multiple layers of boards are used. Deep insulation with board products can settle to the extent of gaps appearing under skirting boards over time.
  • As a quality screeding company, we leave the insulation at the proper level to accommodate the exact depth of liquid screed, therefore eliminating unexpected, costly extras of more material.
  • TLA Insulation is extremely cost effective.
  • Building schedules can be speeded up as the time taken to cut and lay multiple layers of boards is removed.
  • Insulation is poured in a way that covers all the spaces and gaps missed using conventional boards.

“Thermal Lightweight Aggregate consisting of Expanded Polystyrene graphite beads and cement plus a special additive to ensure uniform density.”

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We can tailor packages for smaller self-builds up to large-scale projects, so whether you’re a homeowner, builder or main contractor we can provide you with any help or guidance you may need – from the base preparations through to the drying of the screed and how to prepare for floor finishes.

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